Meetingwizard makes your meetings more engaging, productive and effective.

Meetings are still too often experienced as a tick box exercise. The result of a meeting frequently remains unclear and difficult to verify. Meetingwizard makes meaningful and efficient sessions easier, whether they take place remotely or on-site.

More engagement and interaction

Knowledge is invaluable but is not always found upfront, at the surface of your organisation. The exchange of ideas, knowledge, data and viewpoints is often the very purpose of a meeting. The challenge is to make sure all participants provide input and express their opinions. Meetingwizard promotes engagement and interaction during sessions through various substantive and visual tools.

E-book: 25 years of Group Support Systems

In this book, the authors describe what the developments Group Support Systems (GSS) have gone through over the past 25 years. They outline examples of how GSS offers solutions for meeting dilemmas and group dynamics. How to achieve consensus using GSS and make decisions in a pleasant way. Various experts in the field of GSS have contributed to the book. Finally, they paint a picture of the coming years in which technology will increasingly support group processes and implementation and how the role of the traditional chairperson will transform from process facilitator to a meeting 'wizard'.

Who does Meetingwizard cater to?

Meetingwizard offers a solution for every organisation that requires collaboration (online) and which wants to make meetings more effective. For instance, organisations where people and departments work at different locations, remotely, on-site or both. Meetingwizard also specifically caters for meetings in a formalised environment, such as Executive Board, Supervision, Advice or Supervisory Board meetings. Besides, Meetingwizard allows you to save and accelerate on reporting and the taking of minutes, and always ensures a clear audit trail. Meetingwizard is suitable for both small and large groups.

  • Strategic plans
  • Board meetings
  • Mediation processes
  • Product development
  • Cyber security
  • Risk management sessions
  • Brainstorm sessions (Design Thinking)
  • Management sessions
  • Group coaching
  • Team building
  • Scientific research

Develop, share and capture ideas visually.

Meetingwizard stimulates the collective brain of the group during meetings and invites everyone to participate actively. Innovative tools enable you to get a clear scope of the best ideas, to share them with the group and capture the results. By means of brainstorming, through sharing knowledge and making decisions together, you achieve results pleasantly and effectively.

Control, save and secure session results.

Meetingwizard helps the best ideas and solutions to emerge. Assess, process and store your session’s results safely in a database on EU territory, according to the GDPR. Therefore, Meetingwizard is specifically suitable for organisations with meetings that require monitoring and reporting, for instance, in regulated sectors.

Check, test and compare your goals.

Meetingwizard brings substance, direction and colour to meetings with smart, visual tools. Everyone gets a say and is heard, whether it concerns ideas or making decisions. This ensures you truly think of, discuss, compare and test objectives together, resulting in a common focus in direction, ideas and goals.

Platforms supported by Meetingwizard

Meetingwizard supports various well-known communication platforms, allowing you to choose a combination of solutions that fits the working methods of your team or organisation.

Microsoft TeamsMicrosoft Teams
Google MeetGoogle Meet

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