The most modern Group Decision Support System (GDSS) available on the market.

In the past period, a lot of hard work has been done on Meetingwizard's completely renewed and hyper-modern Group Decision Support System (GDSS). After Meetingwizard was brought to Europe from America 25 years ago by two pioneers in this field (Prof. Dr. Hans Mulder and Drs. Aad van der Niet) then under the name Meetingworks, this is now the 4th generation of this Group Support System (GSS). Nowadays, a GDSS is also called a GSS: Group Support System.

Security important with a Group Decision Support System (GDSS)

Meetings with a GDSS is are often accompanied by confidential information and privacy. Meetingwizard is 100% cloud based. For this reason, much care has been taken with the security of Meetingwizard as a Group Decision Support System. Both in the architecture of the system, the software, the processes and the hosting environment.

Bring your own device (BYOD)

Meetingwizard's GSS is fully designed to match the trend of ‘Bring your own device’, also abbreviated as BYOD. Whether it is a smartphone such as an Apple iPhone or a Samsung Galaxy or a tablet such as the Apple iPad or a Samsung Tab, or of course simply with your laptop or Apple Macbook, you can always participate directly in a Meetingwizard GSS session.

Simply register with a Meetingwizard GDSS session with QR code

Simple, super-fast and error-free registration is possible with the new QR code registration of the modern Meetingwizard software. This can be done on site or remotely. This makes it easy to organize complete location based meetings / meetings online or even combined online / offline meetings / meetings.