Meetingwizard is thé digital platform for meaningful, useful and enjoyable meetings.

Effective discussion, collaboration and decision-making lay the groundwork for results that benefit everyone involved. Meetingwizard helps your organisation or team to achieve this through a dynamic online platform. Meetingwizard is a group support system. Group support systems (GSS or formerly GDSS), give structure to a meeting and monitor this. Structuring your session ensures you stay on top of complex issues and material, even when there are many different insights and people involved. The system records the input and communication of all participants and enables you to find ideas and solutions together.

How it works

Meetingwizard makes the facilitation of meetings accessible and enjoyable. Whether you are meeting remotely, at one location or a combination of both: Meetingwizard ensures a central focus. Ideas and information are shared and displayed transparently. This not only helps to find the best solutions: it also ensures that decisions are carefully made.

From idea to evaluation

Meetingwizard supports all stages of creative interaction and decision making: whether the point of the meeting is to come up with ideas, to discuss, to decide or to evaluate. At the same time, the system monitors the input of all participants and the safety of the data. The user-friendly functions support each user and the group as a whole, during every stage of the process.

Create agenda

Meetingwizard allows you to quickly create a simple or more extensive agenda, depending on the purpose of your meeting. Determine the necessary steps and record them as the focus of the meeting.

Start meeting

Starting a meeting is easy: click the green 'start' button above your agenda to generate a unique ID. The participants get access through a link, a QR-code or by filling in the Meeting ID.

Collect data

Meetings often aim to gather information or ideas, for instance, during brainstorm sessions. Meetingwizard presents and evaluates all input to create a level playing field.

Analyse results

Meetingwizard makes the analysis of voting results easy. Average, individual scores and the distribution of responses are displayed, allowing you to instantly see whether the range of opinions in the group is large or small.

Corporate identity

Meetingwizard can be used with your logo and colour scheme, in accordance with your own corporate identity. In addition, you get your own subdomain to present Meetingwizard as a tool of your organisation.

Minutes in seconds

Meetingwizard automatically generates a report after the meeting. The report contains all topics and analysis and can be shared with all participants, allowing you to communicate transparently with your group. Taking elaborate minutes is no longer necessary.

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