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Frequently asked questions

Here you will find an overview with frequently asked questions to Meetingwizard and the corresponding answers.

  • What is a Group Support System (GSS)?

    A GSS is a software system that facilitates meetings in a structured manner and ensures that everyone who participates has an equal voice, deeper information is revealed and priorities are made transparent.

  • Is Meetingwizard new to the market?

    Meetingwizard's history goes back more than 25 years. The initiators therefore have a great deal of experience with GSS. Based on this, a completely new version 4.0 has now been launched.

  • Is Meetingwizard software only?

    Yes and no. You can only purchase the Meetingwizard software. But you can also combine this with professional facilitators such as our initiators or ambassadors. All are highly experienced and trained. Contact us for more information.

  • Is Meetingwizard cloud-based software?

    Yes, Meetingwizard is 100% cloud-based and can therefore easily be used for both physical and online meetings or a combination thereof.

  • Which device do I need to use Meetingwizard?

    Meetingwizard is cloud-based software and runs from your browser. This allows you to use Meetingwizard on practically any device. We support the recent versions of Firefox, Chrome, Edge, Safari and Opera.

  • Can I also work with conference systems such as Zoom or Teams?

    Yes, Meetingwizard supports all conference systems such as Google Meet, Teams, Zoom and Skype. Because users log in to the cloud, it is easy to watch and vote by means of screen sharing.

  • Is Meetingwizard safe?

    Security was one of the most important starting points in the construction of this 4.0 version, also because of view to online use. Extensive security measures have been taken in the field of the software itself, the architecture, database, hosting, etc.

  • In which languages is Meetingwizard available?

    Meetingwizard is currently available in Dutch, English and French. You can set which language you want to use per user and per agenda.

  • Can I do my general meeting online with Meetingwizard?

    Yes, the General Assembly agenda can be set up in such a way that people can contribute ideas, prioritize and / or vote. Both remotely and in the same room.

  • Does Meetingwizard comply with the GDPR?

    Yes, all AVG / GDPR clauses have been taken into account when building Meetingwizard.

  • Can I become an ambassador?

    Yes, there are still national and international opportunities to become an ambassador. We have an extensive program for this, including education, certification, support and also financial benefits. Contact us for the possibilities.

  • What does Meetingwizard cost?

    There is even a completely free version of Meetingwizard. In addition, we have a variety of licenses depending on your needs and use. We can also put together a custom license for you. For more information, see this page.

  • Can I serve large groups?

    Yes this is possible, our cloud servers can scale to large numbers. This makes Meetingwizard particularly suitable for large online meetings.

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