Meetingwizard is a 100% digital platform for companies and organisations.

For 25 years, we have been facilitating meetings with Meetingwizard and building software that makes working together and making decisions easier and more enjoyable. In Europe, we are the founders of Group Support System sessions: back then known as Group Decision Support System (GDSS).

Our vision: the meeting as a celebration for everyone

We hold that every meeting should be a celebration, with a fruitful outcome for all participants. From the very beginning, this has been our approach to conceptualising and building what is now called Meetingwizard. After more than 600 sessions, this has not changed: fun and effectiveness remain our guiding principles.

Our mission: simple and effective

With Meetingwizard, everyone can facilitate and chair meetings independently. Our mission is to make GSS meetings super simple, fun and effective, through our supportive software.

Safe and continuous development

Our many years of experience in coaching sessions and building software provides continuous inspiration to refine and improve our software. The fourth version of our software is now available. Security is our top priority: complete with security & privacy by design and with state-of-the-art technology on our own servers that meet the highest security requirements.

Practice-oriented and theoretically grounded

In addition to our many years of practical experience, we have been publishing on GSS in worldwide scientific journals and books. We also participated in conferences on this subject and base much of our academic research work on or about GSS and the use of software technology.

Become a partner?

Do you also believe that meetings can and should be more effective and fun? Does our vision appeal to you and would you like to facilitate meetings in a professional manner with Meetingwizard? That's possible! Become one of our ambassadors by subscribing to the partner program.

Who preceded you?

Whether your organization is a government agency, a trade association or a multinational, we are happy to work with you. We have been serving the European market since 1996 and have been involved in over 1,300 projects of well-known and lesser-known organizations.

Our customers

E-book: 25 years of Group Support Systems

In this book, the authors describe what the developments Group Support Systems (GSS) have gone through over the past 25 years. They outline examples of how GSS offers solutions for meeting dilemmas and group dynamics. How to achieve consensus using GSS and make decisions in a pleasant way. Various experts in the field of GSS have contributed to the book. Finally, they paint a picture of the coming years in which technology will increasingly support group processes and implementation and how the role of the traditional chairperson will transform from process facilitator to a meeting 'wizard'.